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Bobby Hamilton, Jr's Journal
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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:59 pm
Bobby Jr Pics from May 04 @ Charlotte
I guess I'll start off with an introduction...I'm Courtney, and I've been a fan of Bobby's since '02. Originally, I just paid attention to him because he drove the Team Marines car, but I became a bigger fan after meeting him (he was very nice, actually interested in making some sort of connection with you...unlike a few other drivers I've met). Then, at the fall '03 Atlanta race, I ended up sharing a booth at Applebee's with a member of his pit crew (he was with Rensi at the time)...long story short, the race got rained out on sunday & after the announcement, those of us who actually stayed for 6 hours left in a mad dash for the nearest restaraunt. Waffle house had a line out the door a mile long, so we ended up a ways down the road at Applebees. Applebee's had a long line as well, So a bunch of us got seats at the bar. Lo and behold, the guy sitting next to us was Tim, Bobby's front tire carrier/tire specialist (this was when he was with Rensi). He was really cool, and even helped us with a problem we were having with the spare tire on our car (the tire had blown on the way to the busch race the day before). So that's my little story lol.

I have taken pictures of Bobby at several races, so I guess I'll start off with some from the spring '04 Charlotte race (given that those are already uploaded onto photobucket). The quality of these are uncharacteristically low due to the fact that I only had my crappy lens with me that race. Once I upload them onto photobucket, I will post the ones I took at Darlington this fall (as well as some others)...I scored some good shots there!

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